A Deeper Perspective Of Healing


Increased vitality, range of motion, balance and strength are all realistic and desired effects of equine bodywork. However, in order to achieve these effects, addressing the physical body alone is often not enough to facilitate the deeper and lasting healing that is desired. Gabriella believes that all issues manifesting at the physical level in reality, originate at the soul level. Our soul is our essence, emotions, passions, purpose and so much more. At conception, our soul is pristine. Then factors such as ancestry and the environment begin influencing our overall condition. When any of these factors are loving, our soul condition is elevated and we experience positive emotions. When these influences are unloving, our soul condition is weakened and we experience emotional pain.  Our soul is wounded. The denial of emotional pain overtime can lead to all kinds of dysfunction within the energetic and physical bodies. This is why addressing dysfunction within the physical body alone, will often only bring about temporary relief. Deeper levels of healing can only occur when an individual truly desires to let unhealed emotion/trauma go from his or her soul. This is when a true shift at all levels can take place.

Horses come into this world with their own divine intelligence and innate self healing mechanisms. However, the presence and involvement of humans can complicate and even block their ability to efficiently engage their own self healing process. Horses, like all living beings, reflect and absorb the elements of environment they live in including emotional and physical trauma patterns belonging to others. This means that quite often, horses are mirroring someone else’s burden which can overtime, develop into emotional distress and physical pain and dysfunction . The goals of offering a horse body work are multifaceted and not limited to alleviating physical pain and tension in his or her body. There is the also the desire and potential to facilitate healing at a much deeper level allowing the horse to access and eventually embrace his or her authentic self. This process is greatly enhanced when the human party involved is willing to explore and become aware of his or her own emotions and expectations. The humble intent of a human to become more self aware leads to a stronger and more loving line of communication with the horse. It also creates a beautiful opportunity for both horse and human to heal together and discover their true nature and purpose.


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We are strong believers in Teamwork and we do not work in isolation. It takes the gifted hands of many professionals to help your horse reach and maintain optimum levels of Wellness.

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