“Gabriella has been working with my horse for a few years now and I am so grateful to have found her. I originally contacted her for cranial sacral work because my horse had a severe head injury a few years ago. She’s made such a visual difference for not only this injury, but his entire body. Gabriella is so passionate and enthusiastic about helping the horses she treats that she spends a lot of time and energy educating owners. Although Gabriella doesn’t advertise her services to go beyond body work, she’s helped to guide me in the right direction concerning my horse’s saddle fitting and understanding my riding program from an anatomy and biomechanics perspective. The discussion surrounding these topics most certainly affects the success of her work and it’s been a pleasure to gain a well-rounded understanding of my horse from her.” Stephanie H. and Touch

“I am so grateful for Gabriella’s alternative therapy techniques. My horse, Lugaro, was experiencing extreme back pain before Gabriella started working with him. Now, he is pain free and happy. He loved the body work he received from Gabriella. He became so relaxed with her amazing touch. Thank you, Gabriella, for your patience, kindness, and love! ”

Shelley M. and Lugaro

“Gabriella is an amazingly talented equine bodyworker and a gifted intuitive healer. She’s one of very few colleagues I’m willing to recommend, and one whom I’m always thrilled to have work with my own horse. There are plenty of so-so body equine workers around, but not so many great ones. I place Gabriella in the category above great – She’s outstanding.

Having studied the academics alongside her over the years, I can attest that she “knows her stuff” when it comes to the conventional topics of Anatomy, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral work, et al. What truly sets her apart is her gift – which is something she’s not boastful of. I’ve worked closely with Gabriella on many occasions and, throughout that time, I’ve come to have tremendous respect for her sensitivity, both in touch and in intuition.

In my experience working with Gabriella, her ability to see and feel into the horse, and then communicate what’s happening, has always revealed elusive and valuable information that’s actionable for the horse’s benefit. She knows all the standard modalities and then some, and even very difficult horses open up to her.

She possesses the rare and true qualities of keen intuition and healing hands. She’s also a gifted intuitive for humans. I expect it won’t be long before she’s too busy to accept new clients. If you’re considering her, I recommend booking with her while you still can.”

Joy S.

Equine Bodyworker and Trainer, USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist