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Gabriella is a certified level II Equinology Equine Bodyworker. She has also studied and obtained certification in Equine Myofascial Release (John Barnes method) through Equinology and has studied Craniosacral Therapy under Tom and Yolanda Mayes at Integrated Equine Therapies. She is currently studying osteopathic technics at Integrated Equine Therapies. Through her mediumship and the use of specific body and energy work technics, Gabriella works to establish a dialogue with the horse and in turn, help facilitate the self healing mechanisms that exist within him. Ultimately, through her sessions, Gabriella strives to not only help restore physical and emotional balance within the horse, but to also strengthen the relationship between horse and human.

Ever since early childhood, Gabriella has felt a profound love and deep connection to animals. She feels that many of man’s current beliefs with regards to the animal kingdom are misguided from what was originally intended by our creators. Interacting with animals is an incredible gift which offers so much opportunity for spiritual understanding and growth for both the animal and the human. In the equine world, we often encounter individuals with an attitude of entitlement towards horses. Sadly, this belief prevents many from experiencing the deep wisdom and unconditional love that is being offered to them by their equine partner. Horses are deeply sentient and intuitive beings capable of so much more than many of us realize regardless of their discipline. The growing popularity of equine assisted therapy is testimony to these creatures’ amazing capacity for reading and facilitating healing in human beings. A horse’s sensitive nature also leaves him vulnerable to taking on great physical and emotional burden which left unaddressed, will eventually translate into physical pain, emotional instability and even illness. The use of targeted body and energy work modalities along with a deep empathic connection is an excellent way to assist these beautiful animals in alleviating both their physical and emotional burdens.

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